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Con Man Wins The War On Terror

Jaw-dropping tale of British ex-soldier who sold 6,000 bogus bomb-detectors to the Iraqi government for $38m. “According to sales brochures, the equipment could locate explosives, narcotics, cash, diamonds, gold, ivory, and missing persons — even underwater, underground, or from an aircraft flying up to three miles overhead”. Other countries bought them too. He’s now serving ten years in jail, but his plastic dowsing rods are still in use (4,690 words)

Oliver Sacks’ Most Mind-Bending Experiment

Engaging profile-cum-interview. Renowned neurologist; enthusiastic drug taker in his youth. “On a massive dose of morphine, he lay in bed for 12 hours watching the Battle of Agincourt take place on the sleeve of his dressing gown”

The Narco Tunnels Of Nogales

“If everyone had kept quiet, it could have been the most valuable parking spot on earth.” So begins a terrific piece on the tunnels of Nogales, Arizona. Some have lifts or electric railways. All have one purpose: Drug trafficking

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