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Law And Justice And George Zimmerman

On the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer. “This curious result says as much about Florida’s judicial and legislative sensibilities as it does about Zimmerman’s conduct that night. This verdict would not have occurred in every state. It might not even have occurred in any other state. But it occurred here, a tragic confluence that leaves a young man’s untimely death unrequited under state law. Don’t like it? Lobby to change Florida’s laws” (1,220 words)

Red Smith And Horse Racing

Anthology of columns by the late great sportswriter showcases his particular genius for the racetrack. On Sunshine Park, Florida: “It has a totalizer, a daily double, touts, a 37-percent average of winning favorites, forms, scratch sheets and handicappers’ cards for sale at the gate, seasoned, alert racing officials and—oh yes—horses of a sort. Which makes it as close an approximation of paradise as an honest man has a right to expect” (2,200 words)

An American Gulag

Report from ADX-Florence: “The prison is a place of unspeakable cruelty and state-sponsored wickedness, run by officials who ignore their own policies and revel in humiliating prisoners by depriving them of basic human dignities”

Florida v. Zimmerman Needs The Bravest Judge Around

“There is an old saying in the law that the vast majority of criminal cases can be handled by the vast majority of trial judges. But every once in a while a case comes up which requires a special type of judge. This is one of those”

Joe Paterno And The Law

Interesting analysis of legal questions flowing from Penn State scandal. “Pennsylvanians have built Paterno into a living god over the generations; now they will be asked to believe that Paterno was right to act like a file clerk”

Continuing Saga Of The Gene Patenting Case

Can humans be patented? US court addresses “multi-billion dollar questions, the judicially-sanctioned answers to which will have enormous ramifications for the worlds of medicine, science, law, business, politics and religion”

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