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Pain On The Reservation

Close-up view of poverty on an Indian reservation with an 85% unemployment rate, where alcoholism, drug abuse and gang violence are “rampant”, but welfare and police budgets are being cut. Frightening and depressing. But you may come away thinking that in order to make things significantly better here, the changes needed are more fundamental than mere tinkering at the margins of government spending (Metered paywall) (1,380 words)

Where’s _why?

Essay on learning the programming language Ruby, intertwined with a portrait of a hipster computing guru known as “_why”, whose charm inspires the author to take up coding, but who disappears soon afterwards to Salt Lake City

The Madoff Of The Midwest

Wild parties, Playboy bunnies, Amish investors, a $1.8 million car and a man who stands accused of a more complex Ponzi scheme than Madoff. This is the story of leveraged buyout expert Tim Durham’s epic mid-life crisis

Your Commute Is Killing You

People with long journey times suffer disproportionate pain, stress, obesity, dissatisfaction. So why do we do it? Often it’s to get a bigger home for our money. But we fail to take the cost of our time spent commuting into account

Abolish The Debt Ceiling!

“The debt ceiling is a historical relic, the budgetary equivalent of the appendix”. Is it time for some surgery? Arguably, yes. It’s an unhelpful concept for the US economy that the political opposition uses to bully those in power

Freaks, Geeks, GDP

Great innovations—railways, cars, penicillin—drove American growth last century. Why hasn’t the internet done the same? Partly because it pushes wages and prices down. Partly because GDP is bad at measuring intangible benefits

Corporate Junket

Visit with Rapiscan, makers of nude-x-ray airport security scanners. First “a” is short. They’re hoping to defuse row over invasive scanning with a software fix that strips anatomical detail from body images

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