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The Constant Traveler

“In the same way that the detective movie is a fantasy about city life, the spy movie is a fantasy about tourism. The elements of travel we ourselves find exhausting and stressful have been magically made easy for the spy. The spy never worries about not understanding a language; whatever it is, he already speaks it. Instead of sitting around in train stations, the spy procures a car, or a helicopter, or a speedboat” (2,000 words)

The Champions League Final

Saturday special. Classic, exuberant piece of sports writing, about today’s European Cup Final between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. Even if football isn’t your passion. “It’s like playing Galaga. You could clear level after level, but those aliens were going to keep munching their way toward you forever. Bayern is the endless loop of aliens; Dortmund is a kid who’s only got so many quarters. You can root for the kid, but be realistic” (2,280 words)

The Contradictions Of Alex Ferguson

“His career overlapped with an enormously chaotic period in the history of soccer. He was a working-class socialist who furthered the aims of billionaires. He was a traditionalist with deep local roots who facilitated the commercial globalization of the game. He was a loyalist who destroyed his own allies. He was a bully and a thug, at times, with what seemed, at times, like a strangely beautiful way of looking at the world” (2,154 words)

Soccer’s Heavy Boredom

It’s a difficult and fluid game. Which means long periods of nothing much, interspersed with moments of awesome visual beauty. Americans see the first and think it’s dull. Many others see the second and go wild with excitement

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