Ukraine, Russia And Europe

“The European Union cares less about Ukraine than it says it does, whereas Moscow cares a lot. When he first took power Vladimir Putin defined his basic objective for Russian policy: To keep what’s ours. Putin’s Moscow has generous definitions of what is theirs, including all former Soviet republics, any sizeable Russian-speaking communities beyond Russia’s borders, and any Slav/Orthodox nations that have yet to join the EU or Nato” (850 words)


How countries break apart. Scotland’s bid for secession from the UK offers a road-map for a best-case scenario. History is full of worst-case scenarios, such as the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971 at a cost of one million lives. Somewhere between the two lies Kosovo: “It’s one thing to amputate parts of your gangrenous leg yourself. It’s quite another for NATO to lunge in, wielding a rusty hacksaw” (3,000 words)

Iran’s Elections: Missing The Point

Short, pithy, packed with more wisdom than you find in bloviations ten times the length. If you are a State Department spokesman, asked what you think about exclusion of women from Iran’s presidential elections, here’s what you say. Condemn the exclusion, amplify the reasons, leave open the option of working with the winner. “Simple, clear, principled and flexible. Always the best combination. It’s called diplomacy” (413 words)

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