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The Bombers’ World

After his notable scoop in finding “Misha”, who supposedly radicalised Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, here’s Caryl’s full report from within Boston’s small Chechen community. “Any analysis must start with Tamerlan. Conversations with those who knew him well yield a portrait of a man who was the lodestar of his family. His mother Zubeidat, in particular, seems to have adored him with an intensity verging on the pathological” (4,176 words)

Burmese Days

On Burma’s past and the potential pitfalls facing its leaders, including the “prim,” “unbending” and lionized Aung San Suu Kyi, who now “embarks on an entirely different form of political struggle”

Iran’s Big Brother In The East

Christian Caryl’s Outpost Washington column always offers an interesting analysis of current affairs. This week he raised the alarm about the cosy relationship between China and Iran

No Graveyard Of Empires

Popular wisdom gets history of Afghanistan back to front. For centuries it has been a cradle of empires, a land for conquerors. It chewed up Brits and Soviets, but Brits came back

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