Sam Harris’s Museum Of Mistakes

Demolition of Sam Harris’s Free Will. It is “a remarkable little book, engagingly written and jargon-free, appealing to reason, not authority”. Now for the bad news: It is also “a veritable museum of mistakes, none of them new and all of them seductive — alluring enough to lull the critical faculties of brilliant thinkers who do not make a profession of thinking about free will”. Harris and others “need to do their homework” (10,000 words)

How To Spot A Weak Argument

“When you’re reading or skimming argumentative essays, especially by philosophers, here is a quick trick that may save you much time and effort, especially in this age of simple searching by computer: look for ‘surely’ in the document, and check each occurrence. Not always, not even most of the time, but often the word ‘surely’ is as good as a blinking light locating a weak point in the argument” (497 words)

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