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Filling Hillary Clinton’s Shoes

Big profile. John Kerry’s critics call him undisciplined and reckless. But give him his due. In his first year as Secretary of State he has revived the Israeli-Palestinian peace process; brokered a deal with Russia to remove chemical weapons from Syria; embarked on a new round of nuclear talks with Iran, and started hammering out a new post-withdrawal security agreement with Afghan President Hamid Karzai (9,740 words)

Egypt’s Avoidable Massacre

America should cut off aid to Egypt immediately. Doing so may not curb the army’s behaviour, but it will signal that America does care about some basic principles. “The message the White House sent to young Islamists in Egypt this week was clear: What jihadists have been telling you about American hypocrisy for years is true. Democratic norms apply to everyone but you. Participating in elections is pointless.” (1,000 words)

The 9/11 Generation

Five million Americans served in the military over the past decade. They are a “greatest generation”, just like the one that served in WW2. Civilians served too. Their values prevailed. So why are they so full of self-doubt?

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