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Wanted: A Writer At The Fed

“I have a modest proposal for Barack Obama. I think that the president should consider writers as well as economists as he looks for the next chairman of the Federal Reserve … The Fed’s role has become largely literary. It doesn’t change rates. It issues statements about its feelings – which are then parsed by the financial community, as if they were passages of the Bible, for signs of policy shifts to come” (Metered paywall) (825 words)

I Saw The Best Taxes Of My Generation

An inspired howl against the complexity of the American tax system. Millions of words. A labyrinth. “It is just not healthy for so many Americans to spend so much of their lives being so furtive”. Compare the Hong Kong system: “The authorities would mail you a letter telling you to pay 15 per cent of your salary and you would send them a cheque for the money. The taxman got his money and you had the rest of your day” (Metered paywall) (797 words)

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