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The Polish Model

Conversation With Radek Sikorski, Polish foreign minister. Interesting throughout. “We Poles, like you Americans, are a revolutionary people. So when others get rid of their tyrants, our initial reaction is one of solidarity. But we also know that crises are usually taken advantage of not by the best people but by the best-organized people. There is very little that we as outsiders can do to affect events, except to set a good example” (3,090 words)

Iraq In Retrospect

Lessons learned, ten years on. “A dysfunctional national security decision-making process allowed the operation to proceed without serious questioning of heroically optimistic assumptions or proper contingency planning … American hegemony and the trauma of 9/11 removed any significant foreign or domestic check on the administration’s actions”

Generation Kill: A Conversation With Stanley McChrystal

One for the history books. On counterinsurgency, Obama, Iraq, Afghanistan. “If somebody builds a bridge, you have the people ready to drive over it and take advantage of that. It’s cooperating with civilian agencies, it’s cooperating with conventional forces, it’s tying the pieces together. That’s the art of war, and that’s the hard part”

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