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Why Isn’t The Magazine Free With Ads?

Online publisher explains the math of subscription revenue versus ad revenue. Using the last published figure of 25,000 subscribers at $2 a month, The Magazine grosses about $35,000 a month after commissions. To get the same amount from advertising, using an industry average CPM rate of $2.66, the site would need about 20 million pages views a month. Which is out of the question for a site publishing five articles a fortnight (975 words)

A Time Of Hugs And Kisses: XOXO 2013

Love-letter to the Portland-based ideas festival, now in its second year. “There was a dynamic, generally positive tension across the entire four days of the event that came, I believe, from the effect of trust and receptivity people had. I have never, anywhere, felt so comfortable walking up to a stranger or a group of strangers and being included in a conversation, introducing myself, and enjoying it” (4,250 words)

How Do Internet Addresses Work?

It’s all down to the domain-name system, or DNS, which converts a human-readable domain name, such as, into machine-readable internet-protocol addresses, in this case Most of the time DNS works invisibly and well. But it was designed for a much smaller internet, in which all users were known and trusted: the more it has been extended, the more vulnerable it has become to malicious hackers (Metered paywall) (620 words)

Explainer: The Law In Space

You loved Chris Hadfield’s Space Oddity. But should he have been arrested for intellectual piracy when he landed? How does the law work work in space? Low orbit is easy. But: “If an astronaut were to travel to the Moon, an asteroid or Mars on a privately funded spacecraft, the situation would become knottier still, because the United Nations Outer Space Treaty of 1967 applies to countries, not companies or private individuals” (873 words)

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