All Bets Are Off

Sad story of Intrade, bookmaker which diversified from sports betting into prediction markets, trading futures contracts based on world events: “If the event occurred (Argo to win Best Picture), the contract was worth $10. If it didn’t (Mitt Romney to win the presidency), the contract was worth nothing”. But Intrade didn’t have much luck predicting its own future: the CEO died on Everest in 2011 and the company collapsed a year later (5,500 words)

Sam Harris On Martial Arts And Atheism

Interview. The advocate of atheism is also an expert on self-defence — martial arts, knife-fighting, guns — and happy to share some tips: “A knife attack is always a disaster for an unarmed person. A person who is seriously intent upon killing you with a knife is not going to attack in the way you’ve learned to expect from martial-arts class. Getting cut with a knife of any size is physiologically horrible in a way that few people realize” (2,889 words)

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