When Renovation Means Erasing The Past

The super-rich want big, white, minimalist apartments and new glass-box houses wherever they live — whether in Greenwich Village, Mayfair or Tuscany. Historic houses are being gutted and demolished to create huge new spaces far in excess of what any person might reasonably use. “Like Hamlet, the rich yearn for infinite space. In the end, even infinite space isn’t enough. It must be the kind of new space that eats away at the old” (Metered paywall) (1,653 words)

Roman Abramovich And The Desecration Of London

London’s finest houses are being hollowed out and knocked through to suit billionaire buyers who want huge, swanky living spaces. “Those handsome corridors, stairs, doors and walls are heading for the skip. And, with them, goes the odd, private, shy genius of the British terraced house: our greatest contribution to world architecture” (979 words)

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