What Does It Mean To Own A Book?

New reading app, Oyster, allows you to borrow e-books instead of buying them. Up to ten at a time for reading offline. “If this new model gains wide acceptance, either through Oyster or whatever follows on its heels, it will raise big business questions for the industry. The most pressing: What will happen to publishers and, especially, writers, if sales get replaced by what are, in effect, streams?” (1,220 words)

The Curse Of Reading

You too, eh? You read a book, and, a couple of years later, you’ve not only forgotten the substance of the story, but even the act of having read it. It’s not that I thought I was the only one; but I thought I was especially unretentive. Now I have my benchmark. “The spines look familiar. But for the most part, the assembled books, and the hundreds of others that I’ve read and discarded represent a vast catalog of forgetting” (1,857 words)

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