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Lunch With Raghuram Rajan

Governor of India’s central bank talks about bureaucracy, business, banking. “Central bankers have had enormous responsibilities thrust on them to compensate, essentially, for the failings of the political system. And my worry is we don’t have sufficient tools to do that, but we’re not willing to say it. And, as a result, we push as hard as we can on the existing tools, and they may create more risk in the system.” (2,490 words)

Game Of Thrones: Chess With Viswanathan Anand

Anand prepares to defend his world chess title against Norwegian prodigy Magnus Carlsen in the game’s biggest confrontation for more than a decade. Anand was no slouch himself in youth — Indian champion at 16, a grandmaster three years later. Carlsen, 22, is barely half Anand’s age; fitter and hungrier, but by the same token more easily caught off guard. “It needs to be a mess. He needs to get Magnus into a brawl” (2,270 words)

Caught Out: The Scandals Of Indian Cricket

Indian Premier League cricket mixes big money, glamour, and national pride. Trouble is, the money is winning. Illegal gambling rings are corrupting players and managers. “The system is run by a handful of larger syndicates, who work with small teams of freelance bookies. Any tip is useful, from team line-ups to pitch conditions. But the better the information, the better the return, hence gamblers increasingly seeking to bribe cricketers directly” (3,200 words)

India’s Billionaires Club

Who are India’s new business elite, what do they think about the wealth amassed by their peers, and will it help or harm their country? Crabtree goes in search of answers with “India’s Warren Buffett”

Spark Of Inspiration

Problem: Poor in India use dangerous, home-made, dirty, wood-burning stoves. Objective: Upgrade to LPG. Means: Use game theory to build trust within communities so that local savings schemes can be set up and new stoves bought

Plato Battles Nato

Delightful fugue on Bernard Henri-Lévy’s intervention in the Libyan war. “At a pinch, David Cameron could match the French, bouffant for bouffant, and send A.C. Grayling behind enemy lines. But beyond this the options are slim”

Reading the tea leaves

Tea party has focused public anger at Obama’s reforms and forced the political establishment to take serious note post the midterm elections. Article asks whether it is just a knee-jerk response to a Democrat president?

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