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How You Will Get Organised

Experts speculate about the future of personal-information technology. Mitch Kapor, Lotus founder, sees the greatest opportunities lying with audio: “There has been a lot made of Google Glass, but they may be dealing with the wrong human sense. The ubiquitous device may be something that whispers in your ear, a kind of reading glass for the ear that tells you what you need to know” (1,400 words)

Five Things To Do About The Heartbleed Bug

Six, actually, since the first thing is: Take this exploit seriously. Next thing: Change the passwords on sites that really matter to you. And, or so it says here, never use the same password on multiple sites; use a password manager to generate difficult passwords and remember them for you. But wait: Do password managers have completely unhackable security? And, if so, why don’t other apps use it? (1,000 words)

Jerry Brown’s Political Reboot

Big profile of Jerry Brown, and of the state of California. He comes out of it well — modest, inquiring, a fixer. The state is, as it were, another story. “What is weakest about America — the squabbling paralysis of the governing structures, the relentless pressure on the middle class, the steady decline of public schools, roads, parks and the simultaneous rise of the public-security state — is weaker and worse in California” (7,303 words)

Obama, Explained

Monumental retrospective of US president’s first term. Should we think of him as the “chess master”, able to think 10 moves ahead of his opponents? Or as a mere pawn? Fallows considers in this 12,000-word essay

Learning To Love New Media

Reflective essay on erosion of traditional media, rise of populist media. We may not like Gawker or Fox News but we have to live with them. Besides, media in permanent flux. Something new, and different again, will be along soon

Cyber Warriors

Veteran writer takes on the latest yellow peril – cyberwar. China still lags behind America in military techonology and organisation, but it doesn’t take much to launch an attack, and it’s happening already

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