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When You’re In A Fourth Estate Situation

For decades we’ve used the term “fourth estate” to mean the Press. But it’s better defined as an attitude of mind, the will to hold power to account. Some journalists have it, but the floor is open. We’re back to Carlyle’s original 19C formulation: “Whoever can speak, speaking now to the whole nation, becomes a power. It matters not what rank he has: the requisite thing is that he have a tongue which others will listen to” (1,373 words)

What I Think I Know About Journalism

Journalism scholar reflects on 25 years of teaching at NYU. Details his four key ideas about the history, value and future of the press industry and journalism – unsurprisingly, each one’s a cracker

Twisted Psychology Of Bloggers vs. Journalists

Traditional journalism is in crisis—and the response of many journalists is to lash out at bloggers, casting them as the enemy. Wrong. Journalism is collapsing because it has failed to understand and exploit new technology

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