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Those Who Frighten China

After a double car-bombing kills 43 in Urumqi, apparently the work of Islamist radicals, China comes to terms with domestic terrorism, to which it may be peculiarly susceptible: “The only way to truly wage war on the state is to alarm the majority — to shake their faith in the state and its ability to protect any of its citizens adequately, thereby undermining the legitimacy of a regime that has left its minorities so little recourse” (780 words)

The Children Of China

Reminiscences of growing up in China amid rural poverty and one-child population control. An aunt was sold, as a baby, for two bushels of rice. “My grandfather held his youngest daughter in one arm and his eldest with the crook of the other. When he handed over the baby, swathed in threadbare hand-me-downs, in exchange for the grain, his other daughter asked: ‘When is it my turn to be sold?’” (1,050 words)

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