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How The Romans Invented Facebook

Review of Writing on the Wall: Social Media—The First 2,000 Years, by Tom Standage. The thesis: “Informal networks flourished for centuries as society’s main sources of information and commentary, before mass media emerged to turn news into a one-way conversation. The rise of the Internet has made everyone a potential publisher, and, thus, media has reverted to its natural, social state. Everything old is new again.” (1,470 words)

Unconventional Wisdom

Rather wonderful profile of The Baffler, “the journal that blunts the cutting edge”. Sample quotes from editor John Summers: “We want the most destructive possible criticism with the highest possible literary standards.” “The consensus has all been wrong. The country is dying at the top.” Regular contributors include Chris Lehmann, David Graeber, Susan Faludi, Rick Perlstein. So yes, you probably should be reading it more often (2,950 words)

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