Freedom Of Information

Profile of Alan Rusbridger, Guardian editor thrust into global spotlight as publisher of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks, and, before that, the Wikileaks Cablegate dump. His internet-first editorial model to maximise readership has triumphed: online traffic has tripled since 2009. The business model is more problematic. The paper loses money, relies on a trust fund to keep going. “The aim is to have sustainable losses.” (8,500 words)

After Bloomberg

Profile of the New York mayor in his final days. “At dinner parties, while drinking copious amounts of wine, he makes plain his contempt for the New York Times, and for President Obama, who occupies the office he craves but will never achieve”. “Bloomberg is having a hard time reconciling himself to the inevitability of a successor — he believes that the current candidates lack stature, gravitas, and independence” (8,600 words)

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