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Killing Machines: How To Think About Drones

A much-discussed topic, but make room for this piece, which is thoroughly reported, well thought through, and filled with striking detail. “No American president will ever pay a political price for choosing national security over world opinion, but the right way to proceed is to make targeting decisions and strike outcomes fully public. In the long run, adherence to the law matters more than eliminating another bad actor” (10,600 words)

Hunt For Geronimo

Book extract. How US found and killed Bin Laden. Cracking read. Pentagon gave job to navy SEALs, not CIA, because SEALs had done plenty of similar missons before. Vital experience if something went wrong, as it always did

A Case So Cold It Was Blue

“The first thing Nels Rasmussen asked Detective Mayer the day after his daughter was murdered was ‘Have you checked out John’s ex-girlfriend, the lady cop?’” They hadn’t. When they finally did, 23 years later, the mystery unfolded

The Man Who Broke Atlantic City

Last year, an ex-jockey with superior negotiating skills and a mind for maths took three casinos in Atlantic City for $15m. And it wasn’t by cheating, any other dubious activity or merely by striking it lucky. Here’s how he did it

The Vanishing Blonde

Great, gripping piece of crime reporting. Private investigator tracks down murderous serial rapist using luck, ingenuity, persistence, feeds from a hotel video camera. Start it, and you’ll finish it

Professor Of War

Monumental, adoring profile of Gen David Petraeus, then head of US Central Command and overseeing military strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Either this man is a demi-god or Bowden was overdoing the admiration

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