Denmark In The Holocaust

Most Jews living in occupied Denmark escaped the Nazi Holocaust, because Danish officials refused to implement anti-Semitic laws. When Eichmann demanded mass deportations from Copenhagen in 1943, local Nazis gave Danish Jews advance warning. Was this something specific to Denmark? Or could other European countries — France, Holland — have protected Jews similarly, if they had wanted to? (2,600 words)

Machiavelli Was Right

Obama’s weakness is that he is not Machiavellian enough. The secret weapon of power is indifference. “In politics, the polestar must be the health of the republic alone. We should not choose leaders who agonise, worrying about the moral hazards of the power they exercise in the people’s name. We should choose leaders who sleep soundly after taking ultimate risks with their own virtue. They are doing what must be done.” (1,600 words)

How To Save The Syrians

“From stalemate comes a ray of hope, the hope that all the external sponsors of the conflict will begin to reduce weapons supplies to all sides. A strategy of asphyxiation could be followed by concerted pressure at the UN for a negotiated cease-fire. If no side can win it all, it is just conceivable that each may settle for what it already has. The result would be a divided Syria, with effective authority in the north and east in rebel and Kurdish hands.” (1,880 words)

Bosnia And Syria: Intervention Then And Now

America intervened to stop civil war in Bosnia in 1995. Why will it not do the same in Syria now? Partly because there are no clear “good guys” in Syria, pulling America into the conflict, wielding the moral weight that the Bosniaks did in Sarajevo. Partly because the world has changed: America can no longer afford to defy China and Russia, and America is tired. Syria does matter. It just doesn’t matter enough (2,400 words)

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