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Does Life Have A Purpose?

Let nobody say that Aeon ducks the big questions. This brief history of teleological thought, from Aristotle to Nagel, by way of Darwin, arrives at the answer: No. “There’s no sense for most scientists that a star is for anything, or that a molecule serves an end. But when we come to talk about living things, it seems very hard to shake off the idea that they have purposes and goals, which is served by the ways they have evolved” (3,200 words)

The Gym Teachers Of Academia

“I am proud to be a philosopher, and I defend to the death the intrinsic worth of what I am doing. If looking critically at one of the most important forces in our society – science – is not of worth, then I do not know what is”

A Darwinian Approach To Moral Philosophy

Thoughtful essay on ethics, evolution. “I think there is a real difference between moral claims and scientific claims, and while the latter can be used to explain why we hold the former, they cannot be used to justify the former”

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