Guinea’s Buried Secrets

“When you disembark from a plane in Conakry, the corruption hits you almost as quickly as the heat. At the airport, a uniformed officer will stop you, raising no specific objections but making it clear, with his body, that your exit from the situation will be transactional”. Epic tale of Israeli diamond billionaire who was given Guinea’s iron-ore reserves for next to nothing. Now a new government wants them back (11,900 words)

Spitballing Indy

How to make a Hollywood blockbuster — in this case, Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Notes from conversations in which George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan hashed out ideas for plot and hero, “the doctor with the bullwhip”, whom Lucas first wanted to call Indiana Smith, and who borrowed much of his style from Bogart (1,386 words)

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