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Our Mothers, Our Fathers: German Atonement

Television series about Hitler’s war re-opens debate about German guilt, almost 70 years on. Will the self-examination ever end? “It’s as if the Germans, even the very young, to whom tales of the Nazis must feel as if extraterrestrials were at work, still shudder when they think about what their grandmothers and grandfathers were capable of. As if they were afraid that certain patterns of character and behavior could be passed on to future generations” (2,500 words)

Greed Is The Beginning of Everything

Interview with Tomas Sedlacek, freethinking Czech economist and philosopher. “Complicated mathematical models are simply wrong or pointless at best. The real question should be: Is the economy working the way we want it to?”

‘No One Is Born Evil’

Henning Mankell on the Norway attacks: “We want to recognise the characteristics of evil early on. We search for marks of Cain and stigmata, warning signs of the horrific before it occurs. But that thinking is based on magic”

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