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This Thing For Which We Have No Name

Wide-ranging conversation centred on the uses of behavioural economics, especially in marketing. “Don’t give people 24 white pills. If you want them to finish their antibiotics, give them 18 white pills and six blue ones and say, ‘When you finish the white pills, take the blue ones’. The pills can be identical. People will be more likely to finish a course of treatment if it comes in two sequential colours” (10,500 words)

Why I’m Hiring Graduates With Thirds This Year

“Nobody has any evidence to suggest that recruits with first-class degrees turn into better employees than those with thirds. Some specialised fields demand spectacular mathematical ability, but these are relatively few. So my instincts suggest that if we confine our recruitment efforts to people in the lower half of the degree ladder we shall have an exclusive appeal to a large body of people no less valuable than anyone else” (600 words)

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