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“The KGB Was A Funny Bunch”

On Chechen culture and, especially, Chechen food. “Their staples seem designed for preparation in the context of guerrilla warfare, over a fire in the mountains, using ingredients and tools that are easily pillaged, scavenged or carried on a man’s back”. The national dish doesn’t even have an agreed name: it’s just called “national dish”. Main ingredients: raw garlic, fatty sour cream, cornflour dumplings, fist-sized chunks of beef (1,640 words)

When Family Is Virtually A State Secret

In the West, politicians’ private lives are often quite public. Not in Russia. Vladimir Putin has two adult daughters yet there are no confirmed photos and no one knows where they live. And he may be divorced. Or not

Russian Hackers Hit LiveJournal

A massive cyber attack has been mounted against Russia’s most popular blog host. Easy to blame the Kremlin, but Medvedev’s blog was hit too. Either way, Russian officials probably welcome a break from aggressive e-critics

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