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Pumps Versus Plugs

What people don’t get yet about the convenience of electric cars: 95% of the time you will be charging the car at home, which is as convenient as refuelling can get. Imagine never visiting a gas station in months. “You pull into the driveway, turn the car off, plug it in, and you’re done. Electric cars are ‘hard to refuel’ only because we’ve been acclimated to the tedious grind of driving to gas stations and standing around a pump” (746 words)

Learning From Los Gatos

Why George Packer is wrong to see the tycoons of Silicon Valley as a “libertarian geek oligarchy”. Silicon Valley succeeds because it tries hard to find progressive ways of creating wealth. Founders get to be billionaires; but tens of thousands of managers become millionaires from share options; and waged workers get better conditions, and a bigger share of profits, than in most other parts of American industry (1,711 words)

Marrying Tech And Art

Steven Johnson recounts his first Mac, how it changed his life, and why it reflects Steve Jobs’s most monumental legacy in our era’s history of innovation

One Hundred Million Calls

New York City’s 311 telephone helpline has been huge popular success. Handles 50,000 calls a day. Started as a complaints-box. Now it’s a way to crowdsource data, predict problems, target public services

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