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Life In The Fishbowl

The rise of universal surveillance frightens and angers libertarians. But what about the benefits? The more complete the surveillance, the greater the reduction in crime and terrorism. Society would need fewer police, because there would be much less to investigate; the evidence would all be there on camera. Corruption would be harder. Arms control would be easier. Pandemics would be detected sooner (2,300 words)

Why Are We Not Much Better At Parenting?

“We’ve come a long way, as a species. We’re better at many things than we ever were before – not just slightly better, but unimaginably, ridiculously better. We’re better at transporting people and objects, we’re better at killing, we’re better at preventing infectious diseases, we’re better at industrial production. But in some areas, we haven’t made such dramatic improvements. And one of those areas is parenting” (1,162 words)

Enlightened Surveillance

Cameras everywhere. We are moving towards a surveillance society. But is that all bad? Not necessarily. There are many ways in which society could benefit from inhabiting a panopticon. “We should at least consider the possibility that people who know that their words and deeds are recorded would behave in more pro-social and honest ways”

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