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The Case For Reparations

The exploitation of black Americans remained brutal well into the 20th century; the effects endure to the present day in wealth and income differentials and in widespread segregation of schools and housing. Whether or not you agree that reparations are the answer, Coates makes his argument well: “To celebrate freedom and democracy while forgetting America’s origins in a slavery economy is patriotism à la carte” (15,800 words)

Pardon My French

New Yorker studies French on a home-stay in Switzerland. “Hearing a foreign language is like seeing a postcard from some other land. I experienced my ignorance of words and grammar as a physical distance, as a longing for something that was mere inches away. In that gap, there was all the magic of childhood … The older I get, the more I treasure the sprawling periods of incomprehension, the not knowing, the lands beyond Google” (860 words)


“Yesterday I ate a bad nut on the train to Boston and went into anaphylactic shock. A doctor who happened to be seated nearby shot me up with a epipen. The train made an emergency stop in New London. I was shivering crazily. After I laid down, I heard the doctor say, ‘I can’t get a pulse.’ This is something no one ever wants to hear”

Fear Of A Black President

Obama offers himself to white Americans not as a black politician, but as a politician who happens to be black. His genius lies in doing this without denying or diluting the blackness that he signals to black Americans

Is Cam Newton The Greatest Rookie QB Ever?

Short piece that only partly relates to the headline; well worth reading. As an African-American, Newton has a burden unlike white athletes. They have the freedom to be mediocre, to fail. He knows he doesn’t

Why Do So Few Blacks Study the Civil War?

America focused on creating a narrative after the war that could reconcile white people with each other. It ignored historical truth: “That one group of Americans tried to raise a country wholly premised on property in Negroes”

The Legacy of Malcolm X

Yes, he was an angry man, but rightly so. Black Americans, no matter how talented or hard-working, could only get so far. Not until 2008 did that old order finally die. “Barack Obama is the president. But it’s Malcolm X’s America”

Ghost Of Bobby Lee

Moving reflection on slavery, nationalism, and American historiography of the Civil War. “What might I have been in another skin, in another country, in another time?”

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