Autobiography By Morrissey

Entertaining and admiring review. “Morrissey is scurrilous, withdrawn and disdainful, an odd mixture of shyness and vitriol. He enjoys his celebrity, but the sardonic self-irony of the book seeks to persuade us otherwise. There is a relish and energy about its prose that undercuts his misanthropy. Its lyrical quality suggests that beneath the hard-bitten scoffer there lurks a romantic softie, while beneath that again lies a hard-bitten scoffer” (1,300 words)

No Self-Mockery, Please, We’re American

Observations on the American character. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek. “The good news about the citizens of this kindly, violent, bigoted, generous-spirited nation is that if ever the planet is plunged into nuclear war, they will be the first to crawl over the edge of the crater, dust themselves down, and proceed to build a new world. The bad news is that they will probably have started the war” (2,770 words)

Bono: Simple But Devastating

Review of The Frontman: Bono by Harry Browne. “As a multimillionaire investor, world-class tax avoider, pal of Bush and Blair and crony of the bankers and neo-cons, Bono has lent credence to the global forces that wreak much of the havoc he is eager to mop up. His technocratic, west-centred, corporation-friendly campaigns have driven him into one false solution, unsavoury alliance and embarrassing debacle after another” (980 words)

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