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Controlled By Guns

Texas hackers produce a well-functioning home-made gun from a 3-D printer. A technical triumph; a moral and political conundrum. You might expect the National Rifle Association to applaud; but the NRA relies for funding on the small-arms industry, which will be horrified. The Maker movement should be thrilled too — but how many of its members are gun enthusiasts? From Congress, expect a flurry of laws that don’t work (1,234 words)

Algorithmic Rape Jokes In The Library of Babel

Thoughts on the Keep Calm t-shirts, object spam, Amazon as Borgesian retailer, and algorithms as alibis. “Part of what tips the algorithmic rape joke t-shirts over from very offensive to shockingly offensive is that they are ostensibly physical products. Intuitions are not yet tuned for spambot clothes sellers. Better tune those intuitions fast”

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