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We Are All Princes And Paupers

Thrilling piece on the math of genealogy. Every sentence an eye-opener for the non-adept. “Anyone who was alive 2,000-3,000 years ago is either the ancestor of everyone who’s now alive, or no one at all.” “Everyone of European heritage alive today is a descendant of Charlemagne.” “Past a certain number of generations back, your number of ancestors stops growing exponentially, because they start being the same people” (909 words)

Let Kids Play With Fire, And Other Rules For Good Parenting

“Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let your Children Do)”, encourages parents to let kids fearlessly engage with the world. The fun of making camp fires and climbing trees could also increase self-reliance and sensible risk-taking

The Longevity Project

80 year scientific study produces surprising conclusions about how best to achieve a long life. Turns out marriage, strenuous exercise, optimism and a good work/life balance aren’t so important; for many, divorce and worry might be

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