Revolt Of The Cities

American cities are “charting a new course for American liberalism” thanks to a new cohort of mayors elected with progressive and populist agendas — typically including universal pre-school, mandatory inner-city hiring for major projects, higher minimum wages, more public transport. Bill de Blasio in New York gets the national headlines, but there are similar stories in Pittsburgh, Seattle, Minneapolis, Boston (4,300 words)

Sex, Economics And Austerity

Was Keynes less of an economist because he was gay and childless? Niall Ferguson’s claim has a long history. Schumpeter said much the same in 1946. Ferguson and Schumpeter reach the wrong conclusions, but have the right instincts: there is a lot of sex in economics. “Economics is not a morally neutral science but rather is intimately connected with questions about what we want from life, including the type of sex we want to have” (1,960 words)

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