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Cold Rush: Arctic Myths And Misconceptions

Briefing. Fact-packed. Cut out and keep. “The contemporary narrative tends to characterise the region as an arena for resource-driven jurisdictional and geopolitical rivalries. Recent coverage of the Arctic has focused on a perceived ‘scramble’ or ‘gold rush’ for jurisdictional rights linked to access to marine resources, especially potential seabed energy resources, as well as the possibility of opening long-sought navigational routes through the Arctic Ocean.” A narrative in which there is some truth, but also much exaggeration (2,718 words)

NATO And Libya

On intervention. “If you make extreme demands, such as surrendering territory or political office, the other side is not going to give up easily. This is especially true when the threats are made by a coalition of the ambivalent”

Insights From The Afghan Field

Powerful review-essay of new scholarly books on Afghanistan. Lieven regrets they weren’t there to be read by arriving Americans in 2001-2002, doomed in advance by ignorance of country and history

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