New New Fatherhood In The Inner City

Review of Doing The Best I Can, by Kathryn Edin and Timothy Nelson, on the lives of poor single fathers in Philadelphia and Camden, N.J. They do love their children, they want to spend time with them, but they cannot or will not support them. “Lower-class fathers have tried to bargain for a wholesale reversal of gender roles, in which dads are the soft, emotional parents and moms are the tough, pragmatic ones” (1,500 words)

When A Bomb Goes Off In Afghanistan

Associate Press correspondent reflects on five years in Afghanistan. Partly an account of the daily routine — what you do when a bomb goes off, who you call for information, what you can deduce from the circumstances of the blast. But also an expression of regret that, as the America military presence winds down, so will the press coverage, and Afghanistan will go deeper into chaos with nobody outside knowing or caring (2,487 words)

Nancy Hatch Dupree Is Quietly Saving Afghanistan’s History

Portrait of “tiny, birdlike 86-year-old woman”, whose life is a “series of tales that would rival a Hollywood movie”, including “a passionate affair in 1960s Kabul with a handsome, Harvard-educated, ex-paratrooper and archeologist who made Indiana Jones seem positively suburban’. She became an authority on Afghan culture; was thrown out under the Soviets; and is back now, “commuting between her homes in Kabul and Peshawar, sometimes driving herself down the Khyber Pass in her little Renault 5″ (3,067 words)

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