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Of Owls And Richard III

Miscellany of observations on owls. No particular rhyme or reason that I can discern, but every sentence (after the first couple of paragraphs) is memorable, quotable or both. “One method by which ornithologists of the past estimated fluctuations in the numbers of owls was by the numbers brought to taxidermists for stuffing. The fashion for stuffed birds in glass cases seems to have passed and so this method is no longer used” (2,187 words)

The Tyranny Of Artistic Modernism

“The first duty for every true artist at this moment of history is an act of spiritual fidelity to the timeless traditions of art-making, and an uncompromising, unmitigated hatred towards the dictatorship of modernism”

The Art Of Writing Well

On reading FL Lucas’s Style. “He is probably the only style guide author whose precepts would not lead one to rewrite the first sentence of Pride and Prejudice as ‘Everyone believes that rich men want to get married’”

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