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Three Nails In The Coffin Of Peak Oil

World oil supply was widely predicted to be peaking in the past decade. It has gone on increasing. What happened? Oil prices rose sharply, encouraging more exploration, more discoveries, new technologies, exploitation of marginal reserves. Probably there’s enough oil to last us for decades yet without pushing the price above $150 per barrel (The formatting of this piece is very ugly on the blog, so use a Readability view if you can) (2,500 words)

The Cold Facts About A Hot Commodity: LNG

Backgrounder full of interesting information for those inclined to find out about what it is that has made Qatar so wealthy

Does The US Really Have More Oil Than Saudi Arabia?

There are differences between oil resources and oil reserves. And there are differences between oil shale and shale oil. And those differences are big. Although to listen to some politicians recently, you might not think so

Medieval Smokestacks: Fossil Fuels In Pre-Industrial Times

On the pre-industrial use of fossil fuel. Particularly peat and turf, in what’s now Belgium and the Netherlands. On the long side, but an interesting slice of history

A Brief Economic Explanation Of Peak Oil

Probably makes more sense to understand “peak oil” as economic not geological phenomenon. That is, there is a price economies cannot afford, which will constrain production. But what if China can tolerate higher prices than others?

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