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I Have Cancer, But Don’t Call Me Brave

Cancer lends itself to military metaphors. Sufferers “fight” or battle” the disease, though in practice this usually means accepting a prescribed course of treatment. “Whenever I hear those martial verbs, or hear people being described as brave, I feel a little sorry for people with heart disease or Alzheimer’s, who, rather than warriors, tend to be portrayed as passive, voiceless victims, who never get to ‘fight’ their illnesses but only ever ‘succumb’” (1,200 words)

A Colon Resection

Extreme cancer blogging. No detail spared. I muted the title — check the URL — which refers more directly to ileostomy. Take daily, but not with food. “At first, the emptying was done by the nurses, but after watching them doing it enough, I finally managed to sit down on the toilet. I wiped my new plastic anus and then folded the little pouch shut — no more unhygienic than going the normal way really” (1,619 words)

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