Life In The Chechen Closet

Probably NSFW. From the same “Queer Russia” series as Brokeback In Belarus. And every bit as remarkable. A gay waiter in Gudermes tells all. “In the Chechen coterie there are few versatile men; lots of active guys, but they never let anyone fk them in the ass. These are dzhigit (macho) matters. If you fk someone in the ass, but don’t let anyone do it to you, then you’re still a dzhigit; and not a faggot” (3,660 words)

Brokeback In Belarus

Two male tractor drivers live together in a remote village in Belarus. Both had wives and children before discovering they were in love with each other. Their wives left, taking the children. Transcript of a frank and touching conversation. About love, marriage, sex. “The village has accepted it. But then, this is a dead village, there’s nobody here but pensioners. The old dears found it a bit weird, of course, but they soon go used to it” (3,600 words)

Chavez To Eternity

Sympathetic, well-informed assessment of Venezuelan leader’s record and legacy. “The changes Chávez established were not of systems but of personnel; those who were poor, mestizo or excluded have entered power, but in the process have not managed to change the way power works, nor the circuits of patronage and dependence it relies upon” (2,181 words)

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