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Why Iceland

Fourteen reasons, if reasons were needed, for spending more time in this small, clean, modest, beautiful, progressive, peaceful country. “Finally, this is a little hard to describe, but that there is a soft, wordless gasp built into their language — haaa! — which often comes in response to something another person says. It is as if the sound of wonder is central to being Icelandic. The sound of breath being taken away” (610 words)

What Is The Business Of Literature?

As the title suggests, an account of the writing and publishing industry from a business perspective. Interesting throughout, including discussions of the uses of copyright, the economics of book retailing, the impact of computerised typesetting, and the role of the writer before Gutenberg. In brief: the business practices of publishers may often appear inefficient, even perverse, but publishing as an activity is vital and robust. “What we have right now is a system that produces great literature in spite of itself” (8,082 words)

A Threat To Public Order

Bulgarian journalist, fascinated by tractors since childhood, sets out to visit the great Belarusian tractory factory in Minsk—and ends up in a prison cell miles away being questioned by the KGB. A tale of innocence and experience

Lust And Devotion In Iran

Story of long love affair conducted in the Islamic republic, and the constant, exhausting subterfuge required to keep it going. Rounded out with fascinating vignettes on the sex lives of young Iranians

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