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Robert Cottrell

The Browser has been publishing daily since late 2008 (the exact date of birth has been lost in our CMS). Each day we recommend 5-6 pieces of reading that we think are worth your valuable time, plus the occasional video and quotable quote. Over the years, we’ve built up an archive of almost 20,000 recommendations, which is searchable on our site by subscribers.

I choose each piece, mostly from trawling RSS feeds and home pages and Twitter streams; but we do also welcome suggestions, especially when they alert us to new and niche publications.

We aim to recommend on our front page only content that you can read for free. (Although, sadly but often, stuff that is free when we recommend it goes behind a publisher’s pay-wall a week or a month later.)

We’re a small business, but we do have wages and overheads to pay, which is why we ask our readers to subscribe for unlimited use of the site. Subscribers also get our daily newsletter and other perks – see the subscription page for more details.

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Robert Cottrell

Editor (robert@thebrowser.com)

Duncan Brown

Publisher (duncan@thebrowser.com) – contact Duncan for technical support

Al Breach

Co-Founder and Director

Anatole Kaletsky


Julia Terentyeva


Registered address: The Browser, Jessop House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 3WG, UK

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