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Q: What’s your business model?

A: Non-members can click through to up to ten recommended articles each month, directly from our home page. After that, the links on our home page stop working for you. If you want to check our recommendations, but not to support us, then you can always paste the headlines into Google and get to the articles that way. Members get unlimited use of the site; they also see buttons enabling them to save articles straight from the home page to Readability, Instapaper and Kindle. All for $12 a year.

Q: What about articles behind paywalls?

A: We aim to recommend only content that you can read for free — though for some sources that means an intermediate step: a site registration, say, or Googling the headline. And, sadly but often, stuff that is free when we recommend it goes behind a publisher’s pay-wall a week or a month later. Many big sites only allow you a limited number of free articles each week or each month. There’s nothing much we can do about that.

Q: What’s happened to the apps?

A: We have stopped building and supporting Apple and Android apps, because our content and presentation are so simple that there’s nothing much a native app can add to them. It’s just an extra layer of expense and complication.

Q: So how do I view The Browser on a tablet or phone?

A: The first time you want to view The Browser on a tablet or phone, you will need to open your usual mobile web browser and navigate to our home page ( Once there, you can add The Browser icon to your home screen. On future visits, tapping the home screen icon will take you directly to The Browser, just as if it were a native app.

Q: How do I add the icon to my home screen?

A: When you have The Browser website open in your web browser, look to the left of the navigation bar at the top of your browser window (on a tablet) or at the bottom of the screen (on an iPhone). There should be an icon that looks like a square box with an arrow jumping out of it. Tap that, and when a dialogue box pops up, tap “Add to Home Screen”.

Q: What’s happened to Five Books?

A: Five Books now has its own site at

Q: Where’s the old site? Where are the archives?

A: You can visit the old site at It is no longer updated.

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