2050, Astronomer, Art, Change, Goalie

Will Your Football Club Be Underwater In 2050?

Tifo Football | YouTube | 2nd August 2020

Examining the effects of climate change on football/soccer, and vice versa. Premonitions about flooded stadiums and overheated players, as well as staggering statistics about the carbon emissions of sports (the 2018 Russian World Cup produced the carbon equivalent of 308,571 elephants). Ultimately, a hopeful message surfaces (13m12s)

The Backward Astronomer

Jake Nelson | Vimeo | 2nd June 2018

Dark, lyrical short story about two affluent lovers. Their relationship begins to disintegrate when the man discovers a portal to the moon and retreats from the real world. "I started to fantasize about a substance inside of me. Something that once drained, can't be replenished." Wondrously animated and deeply unsettling (10m06s)

Unfinished Art: Kanye And Cezanne

Conflux | YouTube | 2nd August 2020

"Cezanne explored an aesthetic known as non finito – art that is intentionally left unfinished." So did Kanye West, on his 2016 album "The Life of Pablo." Not only is "Pablo" stylistically reminiscent of Cezanne's chaotic, fragmented paintings, but its promotion strategy was too – "TLOP is less like a traditional album and more like an app that its creator can update whenever they want to" (6m33s)

The Cinematography That Changed Cinema

The Cinema Cartography | YouTube | 31st July 2020

A tribute to revolutionary cinematography in all shapes and sizes. For example, in Powell and Pressburger's 1948 classic "The Red Shoes," "the POVs during the dance sequence blur the already artificial painted backgrounds, abstracting them even more, and bringing our character's subconscious to the forefront of the film"  (33m13s)

Intriguing Video Of The Week

The animated diary of a famous soccer goalie – a chronicle of his uniquely lonely job

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