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The Browser is the world's favourite curation and recommendation newsletter: every day, we hand-pick five outstanding pieces of writing to surprise and delight you. We're proud to introduce The Browser Crossword: a weekly cryptic edited by Dan Feyer, and set by a team of renowned setters including Nate Cardin, Sara Goodchild, Will Nediger, Paolo Pasco, Andrew Ries and Stella Zawistowski.

As a crossword enthusiast you can get an additional 20% off your first year (with an annual subscription); for less than $40 per year you'll get not only an outstanding weekly cryptic but also our daily curation newsletter. Between the two you'll never be short of something to do on a Sunday morning, or something fascinating to discuss at dinner.

Download a sample crossword

Cryptic #6, by Sara Goodchild. Download .pdf or .puz
Cryptic #9, by Andrew J. Ries. Download .pdf or .puz
Cryptic #11, by Stella Zawistowski. Download .pdf or .puz
Cryptic #18, by Paolo Pasco. Download .pdf or .puz
Cryptic #20, by Will Nediger. Download .pdf or .puz
Cryptic #23, by Nate Cardin (Pride Month special). Download .pdf or .puz


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