December 2018

The Listener: Rainy Days

The Golden Giraffes 2018

Fathers, Facts, Fights, Ponies, iPods

Age, Ethics, Work, Babies, Avalon

Dogs, Time, War, Food, Debt

The Listener: The Secret Room

When Anger Takes Over

Our Star Writer Is A Liar

The Picasso Principle

A Body Like Mine

The Spoils Of War

The Listener: Fear and Loathing

Sheer Industrial Brutality

The Golden Giraffes

A Philosophy Of Life

Unsafe At Any Speed

In Revolutionary Times

When We Cease To Believe

The Listener: Ong's Hat

Infidelity Is So Easy Now

An Interesting Mix Of Pain

Economics And Reason

A New Theory Of Life

An Alternate Black

Let's Do A Blood Test

November 2018

Basic Honesty In Politicians

I Want To Split Open

How The News Was Broken

The Limits Of Identity

The Flaw In Atticus Finch

A Most Unfeasible World Cup

The First Power Chord

Exorcisms And Supplications

Truth Or Consequences

Nothing Is Moving In Physics

A Unified Theory Of Life

How To Cross A Desert

Boy Scouts Of Bangui

Larger Than The Universe

The People Who Eat Meat

The Sailor Who Vanished

A Nagging Hunch About Time

The Price Of Milk

Best Of The Week

How To Make Mutant Mice

Fraud In Russia, Murder In Rome

A Field Of Glittering Blank Attention

Sitting Down With Walt Disney

A Conversation About Chemistry

A Solid Villain Is A Difficult Person

Better To Concentrate On Pigeons

Bodies That Came Marching Home

A Well-Read And Heartless Man

October 2018

This Is What It Feels Like To Shop

Certain Animals Eat Their Children

Building Reusable Rockets Is Easy

Why No Chairs In The Bible?

Hanging Out With Elephants

This Is Not The Beginning

Hey Junkyard, We Need To Talk

When France Invented The Internet

The Crooked Timber Of Humanity

Best Of The Week

A Wild And Dangerous Celebration

A Joyful Vision Of The Future

The Basics Of Mud Construction

A Unified Theory Of Uber

In Search Of The Night Parrot

Punishing Is A Costly Endeavour

Best Of The Week

We Experience The World In Packs

You Can Have Fast, Cheap, Or Famous

Murder Disguised As A Natural Act

People Respond Well To Fluency

Coyotes Are Moving To Chicago

What Is A Neural Network?

The Browser's Best Of The Week

I Know Quite A Lot About Fraud

What If Everybody's Wrong?

Sty, Die, Fry: The Fate Of Pigs

How To Plan An Air Strike

A Universe Of Infinite Possibilities

September 2018

The Invention Of Greenwich Village

The Browser's Best Of The Week

Social, UN, Birth, China, Obama

Fashion, Tiger, Hunger, Art, Sci-Fi

Shazam, State, Spirit, Morals, Soul

China, Midlife, Ark, Mexico, Woman

Food, Sex, Money, Heti, Chrome

Bloat, Privilege, Game, Species, Film

The Browser's Best Of The Week

Camp, Turing, Dodo, Japan, Poland

Gene, Sense, Struggle, Aids, Food

Size, Age, Diet, AT&T, Cats

Math, Melodica, Light, Social, Rat

Work, Type, Crash, Bet, Care

Vice, Lake, Ant, Gene, Ethic

Gull, Girl, French, Fiction, Ugly

Nine, Rivals, Space, DNA, One

Gore, Prison, Fake, Japan, Visa

Ennui, China, Bang, Speech, Transit

Carbon, Gas, Dean, Choice, Therapy

Cause, Mind, 1968, Fear, Father

Best Of The Week

Camo, Court, Coma, Song, Sizzle

Abortion, War, Tape, Lettuce, Me

Tiger, Struggle, Å, Dreams, Murder

Fight, Fear, Clash, Corner, Run

Berlin, Witches, India, Tesla, Tyranny

August 2018

Ice, Theft, Floods, Stone, Dogs

Life, Death, Kidnap, Wine, Fraud

Cows, Emoji, God, Cats, Wine

Jazz, Shkreli, Bret, Baths, Billions

Walks, Morals, Money, McCain, Home

Magic, Art, Coma, ICE, Class

Sight, History, Code, Shoah, Paint

Love, Shoes, Jobs, Genius, Naipaul

Reality, Gray, Trees, Masses, Stalin

Breasts, Film, Whales, Code, Faces

Snow, Heads, Privacy, Oulipo, Trade

Land, Sex, Bombs, Pigs, Firms

Fire, People, Film, Frying, Hume

Luck, Theft, Borges, Work, Israel

Naipaul, Eno, Poison, Size, Unruliness

Science, Horses, Mayo, Atoms, Guns

Poles, Death, Vidia, Weed, West

Fungus, Chains, Mash, Tigers, James

LSD, Menopause, Blood, Birds, DNA

Whales, Dogs, Hearts, Murder, Age

Race, God, Bach, Games, Japan

Truth, Football, Earth, Peru, Dewey

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