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How Beeple Made $69,000,000 Selling NFTs

Bootstrap | YouTube | 16th March 2021

Digital artist "Beeple" (a.k.a. Mike Winklemann) just sold a collection of his art for more money than the average Rembrandt—in fact, it was "the third most expensive piece of art that a living artist has ever sold at auction." Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) allow artists to sell unique digital copies of their work, a phenomenon which Beeple, and many others, are capitalizing on (5m 03s)

Bath House

Niki Lindroth von Bahr | YouTube | 8th March 2017

Swedish short film about alienation, urban ennui and crime...oh, and all the characters are rodents. The folksy animal animations and awkward, detached tone suggest a Wes Anderson influence, although the story ends up in a considerably more grotesque place than Fantastic Mr. Fox. (Just remember to hit subtitles.) (15m 01s)

Why Mount Everest's Height Keeps Changing

Vox | YouTube | 16th March 2021

How do you measure a mountain? "Because sea level is relatively similar throughout the globe, it's the base that most natural heights are measured from. But there's no sea immediately next to the Himalayas." A recent earthquake in Nepal further complicated things, so a team of Nepalese surveyors decided to climb the mountain and measure it for themselves (8m 11s)

The Director Who Mastered The Art Of Filming Faces

Thomas Flight | YouTube | 16th March 2021

Ingmar Bergman, maestro of portraying the human face. He understood, for example, "the power of obscuring a face; as humans, our brains are highly attuned to recognize faces and the emotions displayed there, so we're acutely aware of the presence of a face that we can't fully see." His experimentation peaked with Persona, which "pushes his use of the face to its limit" (12m 05s)

Satisfying Video Of The Week

Classic viral video: Miles Davis and LCD Soundsystem are eerily compatible...

Browser Video Of The Week: Helen Lewis On Erin Pizzey, Ex-Feminist

Browser Conversation with Helen Lewis, staff writer at the Atlantic and author of Difficult Women, on pioneering domestic abuse advocate Erin Pizzey who then "flounced out" of the feminist movement feeling that they all "had blue hair and called themselves Artemis and were Stalinists. She rejected the political analysis and also thought they weren't her kind of people" (3m 36s)

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