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Everything You Wanted To Know About Sudden Birth (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Scott Calonico | Vimeo | 6th June 2021

On Sudden Birth, an amateur film made to teach cops how to deliver babies in the back of a car. "This is just amateur, low-budget, no-good...and so by the time you actually get to the birth, it is shocking." Somehow the backstory of this bizarre film connects Mr. Spock, the Berkeley police department and the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands. Not for the faint of heart! (11m 11s)

Poor Sailor

Victor Carrey | Vimeo | 7th June 2021

Period-piece short—a restless farmer runs away from home to join a rough-and-tumble sailor on the high seas, where he finds adventure, injury, and merciless pirates. Exemplifies the unique virtues of the filmic medium; the almost Biblical fable is told through wordless tableaus, but we don't need dialogue to feel the deep yearning in every shot. Stunning (13m 50s)

I Taught An AI To Solve The Trolley Problem

Answer In Progress | YouTube | 11th June 2021

The experiment—training an AI to solve the trolley problem(s)—initially goes awry and the computer seems to compulsively save cats over anything else, but it soon gives way to broader questions about AI ethics. "If you want to build an ethical machine, maybe you should start with taking a step back" by looking at how the tech fits into society, rather than "analyzing one-off decisions" (18m 02s)


Kasper Møller Rask | Vimeo | 4th June 2019

The fictional—but nonetheless very vivid—chronicles of a young Norwegian woman trying to make it in the Danish independent film industry. The creative portrayal of writer's block recalls Kaufman's Adaptation, while the boxy aspect ratio and lonely compositions augment her feelings of intense confinement and malaise. (Warning: brief sex scene) (20m 0s)

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Dazzling plunge into the details of foreign banknotes

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