Browser Sevens are mini cryptic crosswords with seven clues each). If you're new to cryptics, read our intro sequence to learn how to solve these delightful, devilish puzzles. Visit the Browser Crossword page for samples of our full weekly cryptic.
Questions or feedback:

Puzzle #13 by Paolo Pasco

Puzzle #12 by Liari

Puzzle #11 by Rachel Fabi

Puzzle #10 by Gussalufz

Puzzle #9 by Doug Peterson

Puzzle #8 by George Ho

Puzzle #7 by Hoang-Kim Vu

Puzzle #6 by Paolo Pasco

Puzzle #5 by Stella Zawistowski

Puzzle #4 by Steve Mossberg

Puzzle #3 by Sara Goodchild

Puzzle #2 by Nate Cardin

Puzzle #1 by Paolo Pasco

To view explanations

  • Complete the puzzle (or hit Reveal to get all remaining answers)
  • Click the "speech bubble" icon in the header of the puzzle to open the chat window
  • You will now see explanations for each solution

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