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The Philosophy Of Creativity & The Castle Of Indolence

Then & Now | YouTube | 21st April 2020

Where does creativity come from? Plato thought it came from God, in a "moment of madness." Poincaré thought it came from "swarms of ideas, combining randomly, followed by the conscious selection of one of them according to aesthetic criteria." Wordsworth thought it came from boredom and pleasant indolence. An attempt to explain "the inexplicable moment where a thought pops, seeps, rolls, grows into your head" (15m17s)

How We Reopen

Vihart | YouTube | 20th April 2020

Visually breaking down the Harvard plan to reopen the economy. It would happen in four phases over the course of the summer. Phase 1 involves contact tracing (essentially, finding everyone who's sick). Phase 2 expands essential workers to 70% and relaxes certain social distancing measures. Phase 3 gets the workforce back to 100%, opening some non-essential businesses to the public. The final phase lets all workers finally leave quarantine (13m44s)

Why Your First Memory Is Probably Wrong

BBC Ideas | YouTube | 21st April 2020

On the defects of memory, which is more like painting a picture than taking a photograph. "If two eyewitnesses confer with each other, their memories of events often change, incorporating what they've heard from the other, but they won't realize this has happened. And witnesses who are shown an image of someone after a crime, even if it's one of an innocent person, can sometimes paste it onto their memory of the actual event" (4m2s)

The Secret History Of Masks

Ordinary Things | YouTube | 22nd April 2020

Humorous history lesson about all kinds of masks: Italian plague doctor masks, Japanese ghost masks, gas masks, Mexican luchador masks, Celtic helmets, and of course, the now-ubiquitous face masks. Full of weird tidbits, like the story of El Santo, the Mexican wrestling icon and movie star who was buried anonymously in the mask that made him famous, in the largest funeral in Mexican history  (11m16s)

Calming Video Of The Week

A ghostly train winds its way through the otherworldly Tokyo night

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